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Stand-Up To Stress Workshop


Judy is a stand-up coach at Second City, MoSpeakers Big Day Academy and she also teaches privately.

She is the author of ‘Stand-Up Comedy School: Stand Up in 10 Steps‘.

‘Stand Up in 10 Steps’ is a hands-on workbook for comedians, corporate speakers and anyone who just wants to be funny! Judy uses the powerful tool of comedy to help others get their message across, improve their presentation skills and fight stress. Judy has a vast amount of experience as a keynote speaker for conferences and team building events. Her background is as a professional comedian, with a specialization in motivational speaking and adult learning.

Judy is able to provide customized presentations & workshops, to suit your needs.

** After this workshop, participants will be able to:

Use humour to improve their brainstorming and team building efforts
Use humour to lower their blood pressure and feel happier and healthier
Feel more confident in their creativity, risk taking and unique problem solving abilities
Feel more confident in stepping outside of their ‘comfort zone’ and thinking outside of  the box
Improve their presentation skills using amusing anecdotes to make a point
Capitalize on their individual personalities and strengths using humour
Feel great after laughing and learning together
Realize that EVERYONE has a funny bone!

Featured in the Toronto Star

Judy was featured in the “Toronto Star” Newspaper. Toronto Star Article.  The article can also be found on our press page.
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Check out below what Judy’s former students have to say!

“I am extremely grateful that I approached Judy almost two years ago to be my humour coach. Judy’s quick and fresh wit inspires me to be creative and turn my real life stories into real life stand-up comedy. Our coaching sessions are sometimes more beneficial than a meeting with my therapist :).”

“Thank you, Judy, for giving me the confidence to be myself, be funny and to have fun. You are truly a gifted teacher.”
Felice Miranda, Royal Lepage Team Realty

“What can be more fun than working with a comedian on your keynotes. Not only have I got great material, but also two hours of laughs. Judy is so amazing to work with. She is not attached to her ideas and is very collaborative. Thank you for your time and laughs. I really enjoyed working with you.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and insight during our comedy class. You were exceptional! This was something way out of my comfort zone, but you made the process understandable and enjoyable. I was very impressed with your perceptive comments and targeted advice for every member of the class. You were encouraging and demanding at the same time – a benevolent dictator! Thanks again for your help. I feel like I can do this now!”
Adrian Davis, Professional Speaker, Author and Strategic Consultant

“Judy claims she can help anyone add humour to their presentations, and I can now say with certainty that it’s true. Judy was one of the facilitators at the moSpeaker Academy Big Day, and based on feedback, her session was an absolute hit with participants. The enthusiasm we had for Judy’s exercises was infectious. If you want to grab your audience’s attention, grab Judy’s coaching. She is one of a kind.”
Michel Neray, Founder of momondays, Professional emcee and speaker

“Judy knows how to coach you to put the funny into any talk. She’s very encouraging to her shy students. Her new e-book is a like laugh-by-numbers for dull presenters. She can make anyone funnier!”
Patti Pokorchak, Small Biz Sales Coach

“I had the pleasure of engaging Judy for her Stand-Up Coaching and I had excellent results. I’m a professional speaker and love to use humour in my work. Judy was able to teach the essence of good comedy in a few sessions. I am now more comfortable writing humour and delivering it from the platform! Thanks Judy – you are amazing!”
Sylvia Plester-Silk, Catalyst, Executive Coach & Author, On Purpose Consulting

“I’m a hit at parties and have always loved to make my friends laugh. When I wanted to know how to turn “that” into a comedy set, I asked Judy to help me. She was able to guide me in developing my skills and helped me turn my funny stories into actual jokes – not as easy as it sounds! Thanks to Judy, I was able to fulfill my dream of performing on stage (at Yuk Yuk’s no less) and thoroughly enjoyed it when the audience roared with laughter over and over again (or at least that’s what it sounded like to me!). Judy is an awesome teacher/coach/comedy mentor who does not pass judgment, but just really wants her students to reach their potential and have fun. Thanks Judy!”

“Judy, I have been trying to do open mic nights at least once a month; and each and every one of your students is way better than most of the open mic comics I see regularly (myself included).”

“Judy Croon’s instruction changed my approach to comedy completely. She’s warm, encouraging but direct and mindful. She always made me feel appreciated and that all my 18 years in corporate life has some transferability to my real passions (i.e. helping others laugh it off).”

“I came away from Judy’s class with a well-structured 5-minute set that effectively harnessed my comedic voice and sensibilities. Judy created a supportive and creative workshop environment that gave me the tools to take my comedy to a more professional level.”

“Judy makes you feel really comfortable right off the bat. Her years of experience as a comic show as she guides you through creating your first set. Judy is a very hands on teacher. From day one, she has you on stage and behind the mic. Judy is also awesome at helping you come you with new ideas and punch lines. When she gives suggestions, you know she is a pro. Judy is hilarious, wise and really knows how to mold the next generation of comics.”

“Thank you for being an amazing instructor. With your tools, feedback and guidance I now feel like I can take my five-minute routine and start performing regularly.”

“There are two kinds of instructors in my opinion: instructors who believe that their own ways and style are the only path to getting better, and instructors who have the grace and open-mindedness to allow students to explore their own unique voice while keeping them on the right track to getting better. Judy definitely belongs to the latter group, and having never done stand-up before, I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and fun instructor. Her genuine love for the art is a source of inspiration in every class.”

“Judy, thank you for your invaluable ideas/exercises and wisdom! I could have spent the whole day with you! Can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for your confidence boost and inspiration!”

“BIG THANKS, Judy. Your class at the MOSPEAKER academy was simply awesome! Thanks for such a great education!!”

“Thank you Judy for your excellent coaching today at MoMondays Academy- your knowledge and techniques are #supervaluable!! You are the #master.”